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Below you'll be able to find out more about our team, the programme we're running, what we've been getting up to each day and, most importantly, track alongside your young people in their journey with God. Why not start by downloading a copy of the journal that we'll be working through this week! Each young person keeps their copy in the venue until its time to go home (otherwise it's rather hit and miss as to whether they ever reappear after being taken away). Downloading a copy for yourself will mean you can enter into the experience your children have been having and even get pondering some of the big questions we've been asking - both now and as you go home!

The WildFire Spring Harvest Team

Our team is made up of all ages from all over the UK. Of course, all are followers of Jesus and want to impart something of their experience of his Kingdom to the next generation. Many of the people on team have been involved in our WildFire outreach teams either in the UK or overseas and have participated in some of the training we offer, such as 'Pass It On' or our 'Niko - Wilderness Leadership Training'. 


We're a high energy team and we don't hold back, we'll give away all that we can into the lives of your young people and into your family. But it's not all about energy! We also don't hold back in the things of the Lord; we passionately believe that children and young people have the same spiritual capacity as adults - they don't receive a minature version of Holy Spirit! Our teaching is unapologetically challenging and we'll spend as much time as is needed to answer questions, delve deep into scripture and in simply waiting on the Lord. 


We're really friendly, so please come and say hi! Also, we recognise that you (as parents/guardians/friends) are the primary disciplers of the young people in our programme, so if you have anything to feed in, share, suggest or you have concerns please do come and talk to us!

Our Programme




Our primary aim is to bring joy to the Father's heart. We aim to use our whole bodies to praise and thank our Daddy, to come into his presence, and experience intimacy with him. There will be opportunity to sing, dance, move, make noise, be silent, get creative and to interact with each other.




Each session we'll have a short time of input which will help us frame the theme for the day and be a launchpad for discussion, prayer and response to what the Lord is wanting to do in our hearts. Teaching is usually interactive, will get us moving around the room and exploring some of the prayer installations and can even be a bit wacky!


Cell Time 


Each young person will be in a cell with other young people and a cell leader. These small family sized groups will enable us to go deeper with reflection, times of prayer, adventure, bible study and more.




Each day we have two workshops. Workshops are fun and, this year, will have a specific focus on praying and living the kingdom in new and different ways. Our workshops are:

- Connected Prayer Treasure Hunt (Around the conference centre)

- Percussion - Seriously Noisy Prayer

- Building a Survial Shelter/Prayer Tent

- Circus Skills - Whole Body Worship

- Craft - Juggling Balls to Take Home

- Sport - Praying & Representing Jesus in the Everyday Stuff



Prayer Experiences - 


Around our venue we have a number of interactive stations. Some of these will be up all week, some will pop up and disappear again and others will grow or transorm throughout the week. All of these are an invitation to pray in different or novel ways as well as being helpful for our understanding of how and why we should pray. Some of our intallations will focus on key areas of society that we believe the emerging generation needs to specifically seek the Lord in so that they can live well in these times.


Q & A - 


A time for questions (on or off theme) that will help young people grow in faith and develop a proven knowledge of God.


Games - 


You know what games are!


Offering Project - 


We'll be joining in with the rest of Spring Harvest raising money this year - we'll have a specific day for getting out and raising some money togther as a programme.


Dares, Talents & Jokes - 


We love getting young people up on stage as much as possible, but here it really is over to them! Time to showcase their amazing, bizarre and perhaps even slightly gross talent, party trick, contortion or comedy routine. There will also be the opportunity to dare leaders to do some seriously daft stuff (don't be surprised if some of our team are dressed as... well, the options are limitness, during the week).


Day Overviews 


Below you'll find links to each day's teaching and any relevent info about prayer experiences, workshops, what we have been hearing from the Lord and maybe even the best jokes from the young people. We may write some info in advance, but we'll often get some reflections up at the end of the day or the following day. Make sure you check back regularly and especially once you get home so you can recap everything the Lord has done in the lives of your young people!

By The Way:


You may have noticed that a lot of our set and prayer experiences... and even our team t-shirts look a little non-uniform and perhaps even rough and ready (or trendy). This is because we passionately believe that as part of our God given stewardship, we need first and foremost to be looking after this planet he has given us. In light of this charge we've taken every step to ensure that as much of what we're using as possible is recycled, upcycled, second-hand, or borrowed.  

Majestic looking throne

Majestic looking throne

Old school table and discarded headboard

See Saw

See Saw

Rescued from the bottom of someone's garden, Needed some serious glue and TLC!

Chairs on their way to the Tip

Chairs on their way to the Tip

Took a detour to Harrogate

Lick Of Paint

Lick Of Paint

Offcuts come in handy!

Offcuts come in handy!

Repurposed Conservative Banner

Repurposed Conservative Banner

We think our manifesto is better!

"Heaven is only ever one foot above your head"
(Jake Mahal)

UNLIMITED - Spring Harvest 2019


Hi everyone - thanks for joining us at Spring Harvest Harrogate - we're so excited for all the Lord is going to do in our few days together!


Here at WildFire, we're big fans of family and linking the generations. We never want to run a programme where young people are doing things in isolation from their family, parents or friends. Thankfully here at Spring Harvest we're all covering the same theme, which means that, as we scratch the surface in our programme, it allows our young people to go deep with the people they came to Spring Harvest with!

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