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Spring Harvest - Day 1

Tonight we unpacked how God is UNLIMITED - and therefore how we are UNLIMITED



We are created in God's image, we are meant to be his representatives here on earth. 


Basically, we are meant to be superheroes, but we've forgotten that this is who we are (so we make action movies about superheroes instead) - but, dive in to scripture and you'll find Elijah running faster than chariots, Phillip translocating and people walking into locked rooms! Along with sticks turning into wood, food falling from the sky and dead people coming to life!


We've gotten distracted by the things around us and neglected our relationship with the one who gave us our identity. This is exactly what was going on with the prophets of Baal, they got distracted by the pressing issues of their day. Instead of turning to God and learnng their identity and superhero potential they ended up powerless and trying to rely on being religious - which didn't work!


So, what is discracting us from our Elijah like prayer life that allows to become fully fledged superheroes?


What would happen if we took a risk this week at Spring Harvest and stepped fully into 100% committed prayer?




Old People


Ask your young people about some of the superhero stories they heard in WildFire this evening.


What superhero stories have you got to tell your young people?


How have you learned your identity in Christ, how can you pass that on to your young people?


How can you together this week identify the distractions in your life and carve out some time to reconnect to the one who gave you your identity and step into being a superhero?

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