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Unlimited Connection
Where Are we?

Paul says to the Ephesians that we are all "seated with him (Jesus) in the heavenly realms" 


For those who belong to Jesus our position in the spiritual universe is seated with him in the throne room of the father. 


Think about it, if I'm there with Jesus and you are there with Jesus then we are both there together. 


No matter where you are on planet earth, you are connected to every other follower of Jesus who has ever walked the earth!



Old People 


Ask your young people about some of the crazy stories that show how we're connected accross the earth!


Ask them what we did with the map and drums to respond to the invitation of Unlimited connection in prayer.

What Actually Happens?


Check out Revelation 8: 1-5


Our prayers culminating in a mighty roar are gathered up in heaven and then hurled back down to earth. Fire in the Bible brngs refining and cleansing, it burns away the stuff of the fall and allows goodness to be re-revealed. 


Once the heavenly fire power has shifted things on earth we then join in with heaven's agenda and become part of the answer to our own prayers and the prayers of countless other saints - that's pretty cool.


Prayer has been at the heart of every revival - so what are we going to get praying for?



Old people 


Ask your young people what it means to ask for things in Jesus name - here's a tip, it's not a magic formula to stick on the end of your prayer!

Spring Harvest - Day 3

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