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Refractors of God's light


In our venue, God's throne is clouded with smoke and from it comes brilliant bright white light - a symbol of his glory and presence. 


The thrones below are white with sections of colour - the white light of God refracts through us and brings beauty and dynamism to all that it shines on. 


As we position oursleves before the Lord, together, we allow the full colours of creation to breakout through our lives and shine onto all of creation. This was always God's plan, that we would be the ones to steward, order and make the world fully awesome. He loves to partner with us and use all our talents and creativity to display his brilliance!

Reach up and grab hold of heaven, bring it down to earth and live it out! 


You will have seen the light box hanging from the ceiling in our venue, today in our response we encouraged the young people to seek the Lord for what was stored up in heaven's potential for their lives of situations the are aware of. Once young people had heard from the Lord, they reached up into the light box, grabbed hold of heaven and committed to living out that reality here on earth!

Old People 


In your home what refraction of God's character and power are you living out?


Did your young person reach up and grab anything for themselves or people they know?

In our evening session we had an incredible time.


We were unpacking the fact that our participation in builiding the kingdom of God cannot be done by relying on the methods of the world - power and might. Instead kingdom work can only have integrity and its genuine power when done in the power of the Holy Spirit.


A number of young people asked to receive Holy Spirit - it was a powerful time. Please ask your young people if they responded 


We then explored a number of prayer stations which were either to do with recognising and stewarding heaven's potential here on earth:


- UV tent with the earthy reality and heavenly reality showing that the two are co-existent and that heaven is not something for the future only.


- Our non-working see-saw became a working see-saw as we declared our commitment to living in such as way as to bring the kingdom restoration to the relationship between men and women.


- World map, praying connected prayer for big issues in specific countries aroud the world


- Planting prayer, recognising current need to restore balance to our ecology. This isn't just a restrictive practice of cutting down our consumption, but must be an active process of regenration. We planted nastursiums, something edible, beautiful and medicinal to reflect the tree(s) of life (grown in the presence of God) that both heals and nourishes - check out Ezekiel and Revelation with your young people for that one!


- Microscopy - learning to wonder at the beauty of the universe and to realise how we need wisdom to create better ways of exploring in order to unlock the full potential of creation. We must continue to ask God for wisdom in how we do this and what the appropriate bundaries are. 


- Reach up and grab debrief after this morning and a corporate/connected reach up and grab.


Old People


What did your young people particulary connect with in our prayer activities?


What are the pressing issues of their day that they feel they need to be praying about and living for to see God's Kingdom come?


Spring Harvest - Day 4


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