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Morning - Pitch a Tent


Not all of us like being alone for extended periods - but Jesus did this lots and througout history lots of his followers have made this a priorty. 


In most of our lives it is crowded, noisy and fast paced - this makes it super important to be intentional about being alone, being silent and being still.


Tents are really cool

- You can move a tent and pitch it in different places

- They create a space that is distinct from the craziness of the outside world 

- But, they are also thin, they are still very much connected to the world around them. 


Our personal prayer life with God can be like pitching a tent. Available anywhere. We access God's presence in a distinct way. God's distinctive presence starts to become apparent in us as we step out into the world (Think about Moses and his glowing face!).



Old People


Ask your young people how they pitched a tent (we know you saw their physical tarp tents) but what about using hoodies, hands or rooms in your house as a tent?


What was the reward Jesus was talking about when we get alone to pray in private? Maybe spend some time processing what this might look like in your home or church or friendship group!


Evening - Entering the Throne Room

This evening we explored the privillage that as we pitch a tent we can come into the very presence of the God who created the universe. 


This is scary stuff. When people throughout history have expeience the presence of God in powerful ways it has wrecked their life! They haven't been the same again. Lives have been turned upside down and inside out and people are willing to die to live a life in the service of the king. 


Tonight we gave an invitation to walk through the curtain, torn from top to bottom, by the work of the cross and step into the throne room of our Daddy. A number of young people stepped right through, got on their knees and worshipped, thought, prayed and had an experience of God's presence. In our cell times some talked of seeing some of what was going on in heaven (dark clouds, bright lights - in line with biblical accounts) some heard the voice of God speaking to them and others just rested there and enjoyed their creator and lover. Beautiful!


Old People


Ask your young people how they found the throne room experience? 



Spring Harvest - Day 2


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