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Vision & Values

The Vision of WildFire is to bring joy to God's heart and see his Kingdom come in individual lives, families and communities through mobilising intergenerational mission teams within the UK and overseas. We're passionate about equipping all ages to live the kingdom everyday - we regularly host leadership training courses and events that can impact every generation. Our team are involved in a whole host of activities including schools work, regional, national and international conferences as well as more specific work in nations around the world.


For us, our vision is not only about what we do, it's about why and how we do it.

It's not just about the observable fruit, but also about the unseen roots.


We believe our calling is to live out and impart the following values through all WildFire activities:


Loving God


We want to know him and bring him joy. Our primary desire is to love and obey God.


Life training


Daily life provides many opportunities to be trained as followers of Jesus. We believe discipleship is mainly relational and happens in everyday life.


No ordinary child


Children, preteens and teenagers have a God-given destiny and spiritual capacity. We believe the emerging generations can know, love and serve God.




Families are important. We believe the family is foundational to life and represents the best context for training the emerging generations.


Better together


Linking the generations. We believe the linking of generations across the spiritual family is vital to living and sharing the Kingdom of God.




Leading and partnering together. We believe teamwork at every level of leadership provides wisdom, safety and creativity.


Reaching Out


Make Jesus known to all people. We believe that the Good News about Jesus and his Kingdom is to good to be kept for ourselves. We want to share it.

Vision & Values
Wildfire Events

What are WildFire Events?

WildFire Global

These short-term outreaches are usually for 1-3 weeks during UK school holidays. They provide an opportunity for youth and families to put their faith into action in mission within the UK and beyond. The teams work alongside missionaries and churches established in the host nation. Areas of service vary, from planting trees and schools ministry in Tanzania, to relief work and supporting orphanages in the Philippines to sport and street ministry in Spain. One of our key values is that each member of the team, no matter what their age, is fully involved – no one is a spectator!

Most teams welcome participants of all ages, with under 10s accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Some locations/ projects may require a higher minimum age.

WildFire Local

These weekends are a chance for children, youth and families to come together, receive from Jesus and splash him out into a local community. The teams are usually hosted by a church or group of churches with whom they partner in their mission. WildFire Local teams get stuck in to all kinds of service during a weekend; sports outreach, facilitating family fun days, street theatre, gardening, circus and clowning, litter picking, kids’ ministry and spontaneous street ceilidhs to name a few!

WildFire is all about the generations living the kingdom of God together. Under 10s need to be accompanied by a parent, but we encourage the whole family to come and join the God adventure together, whatever their ages! Older teens and adults take on leadership responsibilities within the team.

Past Events

Worcester, Cape Town - South Africa

Arusha - Tanzania

Dakar & Wider - Senegal

Malaga & Rincon De La Victoria - Spain

Barcelona - Spain (Catalunya)

Sarajevo - Hertzegovena

Berlin - Germany

Cagayan De Oro, Iligan - Philippines

Tacloban & Dulag - Philippines

Java, Bali & Sumba - Indonesia

Kona, Hawaii - USA

Hong Kong

Beijing & Kunming - China

Pescara - Italy


Tokyo - Japan

+ Multiple UK Locations

Andy & Cath Kennedy

Andy and Catherine, with their children Noah and Grace, love to be a family serving Jesus together. Their work with KKi England (of which Wildfire is a part) has given them the privilege of journeying with thousands of children, young people and families in many fantastic God-adventures! They have been thrilled to see all ages ruined for the ordinary as they rely on God and trust Him to do His work through them, from the streets of Glasgow to the townships of South Africa.


They passionately believe that everyone has a part to play in building God’s kingdom and fulfilling His commission, whatever their age. They have also witnessed the joy it brings to God’s heart when the generations honour and make room for each other as they obey Him together. 


Andy loves the circus, movies, Thai food and being an identical twin. Cath enjoys doing experiments and making her family eat them.

Jake Mahal

Jake first got involved with WildFire after meeting Andy & Catherine in 2004 and then working with them on the 8-11's programme at Spring Harvest. Jake, Freya, Rufus & Tilda now co-ordinate and lead WildFire outreaches in the UK and internationally. They also all love the wild outdoors so are heaveily involved in our NIKO programme.


Jake & Freya work together running Expecting Antental Classes, helping families have the best start possible in life. This leads to amazing opportunities to minister into the lives of families. 


Jake is passionate about Justice and Joy - setting people free from all that would hold them back. Realising the image of God imprinted on peoples very being & living life in all its fullness.


Jake enjoys, martial arts, playing rugby (and any other sport on offer), fire juggling, the sea, high adrenaline activities, hanging out in the remote south-east Asian villages, Zebra Steak, Kona Coffee, Pistachio Gelatto and Cahors Malbec.

WildFire Team


The name Wildfire began in England in late July 2002 when, two weeks before they were married, Andy and Catherine led a two week ‘Wildfire Camp with outreach’ based out of the King’s Lodge. The main participating church locally was Manor Court Baptist However young people also came from other churches like King’s Community Church in Bedworth, Elim Pentecostal in Nuneaton and Hinckley Baptist. A KKi Scottish team also were involved led by Scottish YWAMers Luci Turner and Heather Ortiz.



Was not the start of King’s Kids in England (now referred to as KKi England). Andy Kennedy simply moved south from Glasgow in 2001 at the invite of the TKL leadership to re-ignite or re-launch the work. Allow us briefly to honour some people.



Where honour is due!

Since 1992 there had been great work going on in Liverpool, Torquay and Harpenden with amazing leaders like Suzi Peachey, Sandra Millar, Dave and Pam Pott, Karen Phillipps, Richie Gardiner and Mike and Terese Pugh., Pete and Eileen McAffrey.

A “KKi network of churches” also existed in places like Crewe, London, Colchester, Luton, Bedworth and Liverpool. They operated under their own names like ‘Aslan’, ‘Crown Jewels’, 'Stepping Out’, ‘Junction 10’ and ‘Praise Makers’.



Wildfire Grows locally and globally


Wildfire sends four teams to Festival Manchester ( we are the only teams with under 15s involved. Message Manchester asks us to concentrate on city centre streets and parks with music, Dance, drama and circus.



We send two teams to the Gateway Camp in Hong Kong and then onto Japan (led by Peter and Angele Carruthers from Glasgow) and Kunming, China.

This is the year the ‘year round team’ started in partnership with a local YFC affiliated ministry called Youth-180.



Wildfire Teams ran a Radio Station in Nuneaton, joined MerseyFest in Liverpool, a Team on Board the Next Wave YWAM Ship and a small team to the Philippines.



A Wildfire/Spring Harvest team went to Tanzania to visit the Living Waters project in Mwanza on Lake Victoria. A second team went back to Gateway Camp in Hong Kong and then onto Kunming in China while others were part of Sunshine in Heart camps in Beijing. The Kindermann Family travelled through China by train interceding as they journeyed.



This was the year of HOPE ’08 and we focused on Camp Hill, an area of much need in Nuneaton.



In February half-term and as part of the PCYM school a Wildfire team went to Sarajevo in Bosnia. In the summer teams went to South Africa, Spain and Italy.



This was the year of Get Out and we sent a team to Cawsand in Cornwall. And another team back to Italy (led by the wonderful Jono and Mirjam Leva).



Sicily and Droitwich.



Olympic Year. Wildfire joined a large mobilising camp in Harpenden called ‘Going For Gold’ and then sent teams to Coventry, Droitwich and London (led by the Henman and Wain families).



Planting Together Teams sent to Tanzania (Easter) and Senegal (August). A team goes to the Philippines led by Jake Mahal and the Kennedys help lead a Family Camp in YWAM Harpenden.



Wildfire sends a huge team of 125 to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. It was so good to partner with Saltmine Theatre Company and Taboo Arts from YWAM London. Jake again led an adventure in the Philippnes.



Wildfire teams are sent out to France, led by Ivette Santander, to partner with the FdJ team in Toulouse. It was exciting to see younger leaders like Yasmin Galarza, Jonny Leage and Lawrence Fielder rise up with a vision to lead a small team to Ukraine. The third all-age team was again led by Jake and back to Mindinao in the Philippines; each time we return to the Philippines relationships are deepened with exciting long term vision to see communities and families transformed and equipped to live life to the full.

WildFire History
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