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You are invited to bring your young people to gather with other local Christian youth, to be inspired in worship, prayer and mission and perhaps forever ruined for the ordinary!


Our desire is for Deluge to happen through partnership. The whole heart behind the weekend is to serve this vision the young people have expressed: to gather, worship, pray and witness.


We want to make room for God to do his work and facilitate all we can, but there is an invitation for all of us; youth leaders, churches, groups and YWAM, to work together to see it happen!


What we (YWAM) are doing:

  • Creating the programme – from Friday night through to Sunday evening, we have local worship bands to lead us, outreach opportunities to stretch us, and have loads of exciting activities and bands on board for the Sunday.

  • Recruiting team facilitators for Saturday outreach teams, stewards and hosts for Sunday activities (all will be DBS checked and Safeguarding trained).

  • A prayer tent with sign up slots, for local church folks to come and pray for the event and this generation.

  • Risk assessments for all activities.

  • A hot meal on Saturday night, plus other refreshments through the days.

  • All the practical stuff involved in hosting a bunch of eager young people and their leaders!

What we’re asking you to do:

Please would you organize for your group:

  • Parental Consent, medical & emergency contact form for each young person (see link below)

  • Transport for your group to and from your outreach location on Saturday 8th (Saturday afternoon will require some different logistics, even if you’ll have parents dropping off and picking up youth at the start and end of each day). Your church Safeguarding policy on transportation of young people will apply, but if you need further info, our YWAM England Safeguarding Transportation guidance can be found below.

  • Ensure that you have enough leaders for your group. Our recommendation would be 1 leader to around 8 young people. Your young people will remain your responsibility throughout the event. (Your leaders will likely be from your youth leadership team, and all must be recruited according to your church Safeguarding/ Safe Recruitment policy, have a DBS and be Safeguarding trained. If you have any issues with getting someone a DBS or with training, we can help with that).

  • If you have particular outreach opportunities you want your group to engage with on Saturday afternoon, you are welcome to set those up independently. If not, we are arranging various outreach opportunities, and will be in touch to see what might be a good fit for your group.

Find a sample Parental Consent, and Emergency contact and Medical form here.

(If you already have all this information as part of your current church records, no need to duplicate it, but please ensure it is accessible to at least 2 of your leaders throughout the Deluge weekend).

YWAM England Safeguarding Transport guidelines

Still have questions or need more information? Contact us

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