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Kingdom Mischief as a Family

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Some inspiration to help you raise the joy level and bring God's Kingdom while out and about with your family...


Buy some bunches of flowers. Go down the High Street, popping into each shop and giving a flower to each of the Shop keepers/ cashiers. Thank them for the way they serve the community.

Or, you could pick a different set of recipients: Police officers, supermarket staff, council workers etc.


You will need some plain card and coloured pencils/ felt tips, or, if you are in a hurry, a pack of “blank for your own message” cards.

Children’s home-made cards always bring a smile, so get them involved! Ask God what the picture on the front should be, and if that means anything for the person who will receive it. Ask Him for scriptures, encouragements or words to write inside (maybe explaining the picture, but not necessarily).

Look out for the people God wants you to give the cards to.

You could do this in a café or coffee shop, or at the park.


Buy a box of Celebrations, Heroes or similar chocs. If you have time, you could also buy gift tags.

Ask God for messages of encouragement and hope, to write on the tags, and tie each to a chocolate. Then ask God who to give them to, and do it.

If you don’t have time to write tags, just ask God who to bless with a chocolate, and maybe a say something encouraging when you give it.

Hidden messages

Depending on how much time you have, you will need either sticky notes and pens, or smooth stones and paint or sharpies.

Write messages of encouragement and hope on the sticky notes, eg “To whoever gets this note: smile, because you are wonderful!” or “Your life has a purpose – the world is better because you are in it!” You could stick them inside cubicles in public toilet s, on supermarket shelves, amongst books in the library – have fun!The same principles apply for messages on stones, just make them pretty and hide them in public outdoorsy places: flower beds, parks, beside paths etc.


Tape pound coins to different vending machines with a little note saying “Enjoy a treat” or “Enjoy this random act of kindness”. Alternatively, stick coins to small cards saying something like “Surprise! Have a treat on us”… leave them in places they can be discovered eg benches, coffee shop tables, kids’ rides etc.

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