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Prophetic Action in Intercession

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

What is prophetic action? The prophets of the Old Testament had to do some crazy things to create a picture of what God was saying and doing. In a way they were “acting out” God’s word, not just speaking it. Check out some of the things God told Ezekiel to do in Ezekiel 4:1-8 and Ezekiel 5:1-5.

We have sometimes found it really helpful to “act out” what we feel God is saying as we pray. This is not a performance, no one is watching, everyone is joining in. All are agreeing that what we are praying for, what we are doing symbolically, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Here are a bunch of ideas for corporate intercession times with all ages.

Circle Praying

The Celtic Christians of Ireland and Scotland liked to pray in circles. Circles represent a zone of authority and the encircling, eternal love of God.

Amen! -All in the circle put their hands in and start low and soft and rise to a crescendo: AaaaaammmmmmeeeeennnnNNNNNN!!!!!

Take Out, Put in!

  • Stand in a circle facing inwards.

  • Think of negatives we are asking God to take out from our lives, churches, communities etc.

  • Start with one – everyone says boldly, with authority:“Fear OUT!” (as you say it, all reach in to the circle with your hands and throw “fear” out of the circle).

  • Then decide the opposite:“Boldness IN!” (act it out again, this time taking your hands from outside the circle and throwing this new quality into the circle!)

  • Keep going with as many opposites you have revelation for. After each prayer you could do the “Amen!” prayer as above.

Group Shapes

Divide into groups of 5 or 6. The leader calls out a shape that the group then needs to form, using their bodies e.g. “A Church”. The leader may suggest what to pray for more specifically (pastors, leaders, unity,).

Other ideas of shapes and related prayer topics:

An Umbrella

For God’s covering or protection over the people or place you are praying for.

A Throne

Make Jesus Lord of the situation you’re praying for – invite him to take his throne and reign over it.

An Arrow Move in formation around the room, like an arrow being shot out. You could pray for missionaries, messengers, truth to hit people’s hearts like an arrow, for God’s love to reach the places he wants to hit!

A Net Pray for the unreached and lost in your city, nation or school. Perhaps some folks could be “fish” to be caught. Pray for friends by name.A net could also be used to pray for unity, connections, communication, the internet etc!

A Heart Pray for the love of God to be experienced or for God’s people to have clean hearts. Surround a map or picture of a place/ people with your heart shape. For example, the 10/40 Window. This is a missions term for an area of the world least evangelised and reached. Its rectangular shape is 10 degrees and 40 degrees latitude above the equator and stretching from West Africa to east of Japan.

Human Pyramid 3 levels (three on bottom, two in middle and one on top!) Use this to pray for unity in body of Christ and supporting each other.


Rope Maps Using a rope/string or length of wool make a map of your nation (or another nation!) or city. Pray in different ways but keep it quick, short bursts of prayer to keep the concentration of the young people e.g. 30-60 seconds.

Stand Outside You could stand or kneel around the edge of the rope and face inwards asking God to bring a wave of His love to the nation, or bring in workers for the harvest field.

Stand Inside You could all stand inside the map and pray for cities, villages, schools or whatever you want! All pray out loud together!

Face Outwards You could all be inside the shape and face outwards asking God to raise up people from your nation to go into missions abroad!!

Tea Lights (small candles)Use candles to highlight areas inside the rope map such as cities or make a cross shape or similar symbol to help focus your prayers

Tug Of War With the rope have a tug of war competition between two teams. After you play pray for a situation in the world where countries are being torn apart because of war or other crises.

Braid Wool, String or Thread Pray for unity in the churches, pastors and church leaders.


Stand on chairs or benches. Pray for Christians in your city or nation to be bold in witness and love for the Lord Jesus. Why not think of a nation in the world where it is really tough to be a believer and ask God to give them special boldness!

Someone SitPut a child or whomever you want to pray for on a chair and with some strong volunteers “lift them up before God” (literally!) Pray fast or as long as you can keep them lifted up.

Doors, Windows and Walls

Ask the children to go and stand in 2’s or 3’s in open doorways in your house or building and for 2 minutes pray for God to open up doors and windows of opportunities for the gospel to spread. Again, focus on which nation you are asking God to do this.

Stand by Walls and pray against barriers to the gospel or pray for strength to be given to believers in difficult places.

Noise Making

Making noise can be a form of declaration – powerful alongside spoken words or on its own.

Clap Applauding God for what he is doing or going to do, or creating a rhythm to pray along with.

Rain Clap Start with one finger tapping the palm of your other hand. Build slowly to two fingers and then more until you are using your whole hands… making the sound of rain coming – believing that what God has promised will happen. Or this could be used when praying for refreshing, or literal rain!

Shout Scripture is full of people, even children shouting their praise to God! The Psalms are great sources of declarations to shout about who God is and how he works over your prayer target.

Stamp Your Feet This can be very effective on a wooden floor! The sound of thunder, a reminder of God’s power and overwhelming strength in the situation.

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