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Pass It On

Evening Course


Come and get some fresh inspiration and encouragement in cultivating faith that endures. Tuesdays, at the King's Lodge, 7-9pm

Tuesday 15th May

Human Development

With Cath Kennedy

How has God designed human growth, physically, mentally and emotionally? What does healthy development look like? How can a child’s spirit be affected by what they experience at different stages of life? This evening will be a whistle-stop tour of a child’s development journey, covering in-utero to teen years.



Tuesday 5th June

See and Know

With Yunju Cho and Cath Kennedy

Receive practical training in a fantastic tool for passing on faith with 0-4s, which can be used in Toddler groups, Sunday Church groups etc. The See and Know approach uses songs, repetition, discovery and all the senses to impart simple truths, in synergy with the natural ways 0-4s learn. A vital ingredient of local Toddler groups like Sunshine Corner (Milby), come and find out why little ones and parents (with and without church backgrounds) keep coming back for more!

Tuesday 22nd May

and the Kingdom

With Andy Kennedy

Passive recipients or active agents? What does the Bible say about children and young people? What does it show us about how God sees them? What are the implications for how we do church today? An evening to learn from each other and the Word of God. All ages welcome!

Tuesday 12th June

Keys to Discipling Teens

With Jake Mahal, Ben Wattis

and Andy Kennedy

Why are so many young people today leaving church and Christian faith? What implications are there for us? How can we create effective communities of belonging for them to thrive and develop in? How can we help them to grow and encounter God? Hear lessons and stories from years of experience, from three men stirring the church today to turn the tide!

Tuesday 19th June

Faith in Families

With Cath Kennedy

An evening geared to help both parents and church workers explore the vital role of the home in passing on faith. This session will look at Biblical principles and practical ideas, including ways the church can support faith in the home. We will also signpost some of the great resources and experiences out there, which might be an ongoing encouragement for parents in their faith journey with their families.

Tuesday 26th June

Let's Go! - Intergenerational Mission

With Andy & Cath Kennedy

and Jake Mahal

Is it possible for all generations to respond to the Great Commission together? Is that not a complicated way to get the job done? What is the benefit for the family, the church and the world? Our experiences of intergenerational mission, both in the local community and overseas, will fuel this session. We’ll be exploring principles and hands-on ideas, (good for families, small groups and whole churches), laced with lots of stories of God on the move!


Tuesday 3rd July

With the KKi England Team

This will be a hands-on session to enjoy creativity and maybe gain some new skills and inspiration. Mini workshops will include Storytelling, Visual Aids, Creative prayer and Creative Worship. The evening will culminate in a time of “Homemade worship”, bringing the Pass It On course to a close.

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