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Looking for a God-adventure as a family?


Want to see your faith-muscles built as you trust him together?


Are you looking for ways to put the theory into practice?


WildFire could be an opportunity for you to step further into your God-given purpose and calling, both individually and as a family “team”.


10 - 17 YEAR OLDS

Are you itching to see God use you?


Are you looking for an adventure that pushes you beyond your comforts into God’s mission?


Do you want to be part of something that will absolutely fail unless God shows up?! 


If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then WildFire could be for you. You could be part of an intergenerational team that is wholeheartedly pursuing God and passionate about making him known.


Do you have God’s heart for the next generation?


Do you long to see children and teens released to serve as active agents in his Kingdom?


Or maybe you have a desire to see the generations reunited across the body of Christ and to see what that looks like in the context of mission?


Are you a raving evangelist, a pastoral shepherd, an encourager, a practical arranger, a servant, a prophet or a prayer warrior?


You could be part of a WildFire team, serving and releasing families and young people as you “go” together!

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